Genshin Impact: Lost in the Snow Quest guide – The Snowy Past

Find the impostor.

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The Snowy Past is the first quest in the new Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event for Genshin Impact. Version 2.3 introduced this new event, featuring beloved Mondstadt characters like Eula, Albedo, Amber, and Bennett.

Completing this quest will allow you to participate in Dragonspine Special Training and Born of the Snow to earn some Primogems and a free 4-star weapon. It also has a fun story that follows the mystery of a certain impostor.

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Begin the quest by arriving at Mondstadt and talking to Albedo, Sucrose, and Timaeus. Albedo will soon leave after your arrival, prompting Sucrose and Timaeus to send you to Dragonspine and follow him. There, you’ll meet with Amber as well, who’s helping the Knights of Favonius with some special training at Dragonspine.

You’ll have to follow a mysterious voice that leads you over to Albedo’s camp. There, you’ll find Albedo’s notes have been stolen, and his work area ransacked. Noticing some footprints nearby, you’ll pursue them and make it to a nearby cavern where the thief has escaped to.

Arriving at the cavern, Albedo heads in alone, leaving you and Paimon to wait. Collect some Starsilver as a gift for Albedo, and wait for his return. When he comes back, you’ll find Bennett locked in a cage. Free him by taking a nearby key and unlocking the cage. You’ll have to defeat a few mobs to do so.

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Return to the cave, meet up with Albedo again, and tidy up his workspace. Completing this quest will reward you with a total of 120 Primogems and the ability to participate in 2.3’s events, so be sure to complete this one on time.