Gaming Gift Guide: The best gaming accessories and peripherals of 2021

The best gear for any gamer’s setup.

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The last couple of years have been a roller coaster for everyone in just about every industry, including gaming. Luckily, there have still been some great games and gaming accessories released in spite of everything. With the holidays coming up, it may be time to upgrade your setup or buy your favorite gamer a nice gift. Here is our list of the best gaming accessories of 2021.

Corsair Ironclaw

Image via Corsair

The Ironclaw is a great all-around gaming mouse with both wired and wireless versions. The mouse is well balanced and has a very high DPI with programmable sensitivity profiles. It’s extremely precise and has long-lasting buttons. The sensitivity profiles can be changed on the fly to match any playstyle you want. The mouse also has a comfortable grip that makes long periods of play a breeze.

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses

Image via J+S Vision

Blue light filter settings are becoming more common on smart devices, but some gaming PCs haven’t caught up yet. These glasses filter out blue light without altering your vision. This allows you to play for longer periods while keeping your eyes protected and reducing strain.

Elite Series 2 Controller

mage via Microsoft

Sooner or later we all end up wearing out our controllers. That or they become victims of unfortunate rage quits. A new controller is always a welcome sight for gamers. The Elite Series 2 controller is durable and comfortable. Much like the original elite controller, it features tons of customization options including interchangeable paddles and analog sticks. It is compatible with Xbox and Windows devices along with a number of other platforms.

SteelSeries Arctis 9X

Image via SteelSeries

SteelSeries has a lot of good gaming accessories, but their headsets are what sets them apart from their competitors. The Arctis series of headsets are among the most popular available and the Arctis 9X may be their best yet. The headset features an excellent mic designed for use both in-game and on Discord. The headband is very comfortable for long hours of gameplay. Best of all, the sound quality is incredible regardless of what device you use it on.

Razer Kishi Mobile Controller

Image via Razer

With the rise of mainstream cross-platform games like Genshin Impact and Minecraft, your phone is almost as versatile a gaming platform as some lower-end consoles. Many companies have started creating accessories for phones to make gaming easier from your phone while giving you a slight edge over other mobile players. The Razer Kishi Controller is a mobile gamepad for iPhones and Android devices with a USB-C port. It features a comfortable and familiar grip to make long waits at the airport a lot more enjoyable so long as you remember to bring your charger.

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