All Elder Scrolls Online classes

Know which class is best for you with our Elder Scrolls Online guide.

Your enjoyment of an MMO is often tied to our characters and how we build them. Our classes, our race, our play-style, it all works together to create a unique experience that can be our own. Elder Scrolls Online is no different, and when it tasks you with creating your character at the very beginning, it can be difficult to choose which classes you should go for. Your class can choose what kind of abilities, attacks, and role you will play when teamed up with other players, as well as playing solo.

Each class offers three different skill lines that you can rank up. You can choose to level up just one skill line, or all three at once to bring a mixture of abilities to your character. There are six classes you can choose in the game right now and each one offers a unique way to play the game. Some are better suited for new players than others, but all, when used right, can provide a great experience.


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For all of you beginners out there, this class might be one to stay away from at first. It’s a slower-moving character that is predominantly best suited for tanking when used in a group. As a solo player, your slow movement can become a liability, especially when you have next to no gear. We suggest playing as Dunmer with this class, as the Dark Elves already have a boost in Fire Damage and will get even more with this class.

Skill Lines:

Ardent Flame

A pretty straightforward skill line that will help you play as a tank. Most of the skills in this line will give your character Fire and Poison attacks and can be a great choice for solo players, as it helps deal a lot of damage to enemies fast.

Draconic Power

A more healing-centered skill line, Draconic Power will give you healing options as well as ways to reduce the damage you take from enemies. It is great for the more supportive Tanks in the game, as it can help keep you alive while taking damage, and also provides Health and support for your teammates.

Earthen Heart

The Earthen Heart tree gives you a lot of buffs and debuffs to your character, including many AoE attacks that can be incredibly useful in a fight. It also contains a passive skill that will add charge to your Ultimate any time you use one of your skills in the line.


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The most recent class to be added to the game, this class, as you can guess, uses a lot of connection with the dead to deal out damage. Just be warned: his actions are mostly illegal and can get you in trouble with the law. They come with some solid skill lines that can bring good damage, solid healing, and well-needed support.

Skill Lines:

Bone Tyrant

The Bony Tyrant tree will give you plenty of AoE damage to be dealt. It can also make your character incredibly hard to kill by giving you plenty of ways to keep yourself alive. You will need to bring the right kind of weapon and position yourself properly to do the most damage.

Grave Lord

This line will have you creating and consuming corpses to give you an edge. It also contains some good abilities that do damage over time. It specializes in Poison, Disease, Frost, and Shock damage, which will make it harder for your enemies to defend.

Living Death

Living Death offers plenty of chances for you to keep your health up and away from death. This extends to others around you as well as you can heal your allies. Possibly the most popular skill line for Necromancers, the Living Death is a great way to support your team.


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The assassin class, Nightblade brings out the stealthy player in all of us. You can rock a bow and dagger to keep your enemy guessing where you are. Use your sneaking abilities to creep around the action, coming in from behind for a sneak attack, and using your magic to weaken enemies.

Skill Lines:


This skill line gives you the ability to weaken your enemy and move in for the kill. It’s just about everything you could want from this class, giving you the moves you need to reduce enemies’ health to the point where you can move in for the kill.


As you can imagine, this skill line offers a lot of benefits for your stealth. Leveling up in this skill line will give you the ability to turn invisible and adds a damage bonus when attacking from this state. It can help create Fear in your opponents, moving the odds in your favor.


Keep yourself alive with these abilities that will help take the life from your enemies and give it to yourself. Combining it with the damage boosts from the other trees and you can become a pretty solid tank role for your team, using the shadows and chaos to your advantage.


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You can create a powerful mage with the Sorcerer class and also summon some awesome creatures and allies to help you in battle. You can also utilize the power of Frost, Shock, and Flame to inflict damage. They are a good class for PvE dungeons and solo play, though you will need to do the right kind of leveling to up their survivability. Not to mention they can shield their enemies and deal good damage in PvP.

Skill Lines:

Daedric Summoning

Summon your pets to do your bidding and turn the tide of battle. These allies can damage enemies, provide you with healing, or incapacitate your enemies. They also can aggro enemies away from you. Plus, it gives you some solid shield abilities to keep you alive.

Dark Magic

The focus of this tree is to give you plenty of crowd control with some good AoE attacks. It will replenish your health while doing so as well. It’s also great for PvP, and can be exactly what you need to stay alive against other players.

Storm Calling

If you want the most raw damage from your Sorcerer, leveling the Storm Calling tree is the path for you. It balances both single-target attacks with AoE damage to wipe out enemies in no time. This kind of DPS can be useful when clearing dungeons and keeping the battle as you want it.


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Arguably the best choice for new players, the Templar is a balanced class to choose. The skill entry may be low, but that doesn’t mean they are weak by any means. They can be a great source of damage, a solid tank, and also bring healing to their party. They’re a jack-of-all-trades kind of class.

Skill Lines:

Aedric Spear

This is the DPS tree for your Templar. It has all your basic damage attacks and spells, with some good health protection as well. It is also perfect for soloing content while being a good option for group-play.

Dawn’s Wrath

This tree brings a lot of destruction to your character through several AoE abilities. Possibly the most rewarding of the skill lines, Dawn’s Wrath takes some getting used to but once you do, you can take out swarms of enemies with ease.

Restoring Light

You will want to keep your health in a good spot and that’s what Restoring Light will help do. It is purely a healing tree and can provide great support for PvE and PvP. It comes with some awesome, AoE healing abilities and also helps replenish your teammates’ Magicka.


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This is a versatile class to play as and really brings a lot of entertainment for any player. They utilize nature to bring damage to their enemies and help support their allies when they need it.

Animal Companions

Bring out some animal companions to help you in battle. They will deal damage, heal you, and provide great support to everyone around you. It helps you stay out of the fray while also helping your team.

Green’s Balance

Providing your team with AoE healing, Green’s Balance can give you what you need to keep your team alive. Maybe not the best choice for playing through dungeons, but the healing is really something you can use to your advantage in many aspects of the game.

Winter’s Embrace

Full of shields, crowd control, and plenty more healing for your squad, Winter’s Embrace brings more versatility to the class. Become an all-around tool for your team with plenty of options.