Hippocratic Oath gig – Cyberpunk 2077 – Where to find Lucy

Saving people is a doctor’s true call.

Ripperdocs are the experts when it comes to adding new, fancy attachments to your body in Cyberpunk 2077. These experts are few and far between, making them an extremely lucrative commodity given their skillset. A ripperdoc has named Lucy has been taken captive by a gang in the Hippocratic Oath, and it’s your job to bust her out.

Where to start the Hippocratic Oath

You start the job right in the heart of Northside, closer to the southern portion of the map.

When you arrive, guards are protecting the interior of the building and several cameras. There’s a smaller entrance to the right of the entrance, but you can only access it if you have seven points in technical ability. If you do, use that door. If not, get onto the platform above this spot and enter through the small window.

How to find Lucy and persuade her to leave

Once inside, two guards will talk to each other close to the entrance. Wait until their dialogue is finished, and one will disperse outdoors, and the second will remain inside, but they’ll be looking away from you, giving you the chance to explore the interior of the building.

Walk over to the guard still inside, and take them out. After you hide their body, there will be a second guard blocking Lucy’s path, but none of the other guards will be nearby. Take them out, and then proceed to the door where you’ll find Lucy operating on a patient, attempting to save their life.

When you speak with Lucy, you’ll have the choice to force her away from the patient or run a scan on them. If you force her away from the patient, she’ll accuse you of killing them, and asks how you feel about it, which is more of a moral response to the situation. If you help her out, scan the patient as if you were to perform a quickhack on them, and your character informs Lucy what’s happening. She’ll instruct you to grab synth-blood to your left and then follow her instructions.

Either option has Lucy leaving with you. If there are still any guards nearby, you’ll need to avoid them or take them out on your way outside. Once you leave the building, there’s a car to your left that Lucy will take, and she’ll be away from the area. Your fixer calls you about a job well done and sends you the payment.