Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Bookkeeper Silent Assassin guide

He’ll run if he suspects something, 47.


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The Bookkeeper has returned to Hitman 3, giving you another opportunity to take him down. This is one of the most challenging and entertaining Elusive Targets in all of Hitman 3’s locations. We’ve checked and can confirm that the guide below still works and achieves a Silent Assassin rating. However, if you’ve already tackled this one before, you could try making something up yourself or going for a new approach.

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The Bookkeeper is an Elusive Target in Hitman 3 brought over from the first entry in the Hitman reboot trilogy. It’s an interesting mission because there’s a degree of randomization and a twist on the classic formula. This guide covers how to complete the mission with a rank of Silent Assassin.

Elusive Target warning

As with all Elusive Targets, you only have one chance to complete this mission. As soon as you begin completing objectives, which in this case means killing the target or taking his ledger, you’ll no longer be able to restart. As a result, we recommend following our route a few times without killing anyone to ensure you know where the dangers are. Then, when you’re comfortable with it, you can do a lethal run and walk away with a new suit.


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For our route, all you need is a lockpick and a pistol. However, there is a way to use a remote explosive in this mission, but it’s risky. The starting location we’re using is the first one you get in Colorado, and the suit Agent 47 is wearing is from The Envy Contention Escalation.

Step 1: Acquire a disguise

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From your starting location, move forward and vault into the shed at the back of this complex. This gets you into the main facility, and you’ll be able to see a couple of guards ahead of you around a fire. Move forward to the generator just ahead, turn it off until a guard is distracted, then turn it back on and hide behind some cover. When the guard comes around to check the generator, subdue him and steal his disguise. There’s a container on the back wall where you can hide his body. Below is a map reference for the generator.

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Step 2: Set up the explosion

The best method we could find for killing The Bookkeeper without anyone noticing anything suspicious was an explosion. To do this, you need to run along the main road you can see ahead of you, the one that leads to a barn to the right. Follow it and go into the first building you come to on your right.

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Inside, you’ll find a propane flask, which we’ll use to kill the target. See below for a map reference for this item.

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With this item in hand, you’re ready to set up the kill. The problem is, The Bookkeeper has a random path for each time you restart this mission. There are several locations that he’ll visit around the map with his entourage of guards, but he won’t visit them in the same order twice. With this in mind, you need to find him, keep track of him, and place the propane flask ahead of his path far enough in advance so that you know it’ll kill him.

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Luckily, you should see the target around this area at the start of the mission, so you’ll know where he is. We found that the easiest way to take him out was after visiting the large barn with the firing range inside. Once he’s gone inside, you can run over to the path he was standing on and place the propane flask. Since you’re in a disguise, no one will question what you’re doing.

Now you need to run and hide between the car behind you and the fence it’s next to. This provides the perfect cover for shooting the propane flask. Shoot it once to prepare it for when The Bookkeeper emerges. A guard will investigate it, but they won’t remove it. Then, when the target walks out of the barn, shoot the flask a second time just as they approach it. This will kill the target but leave his entourage untouched.

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It’s possible to do this in multiple locations using different disguises. You can also use a remote explosive to trigger the propane flask and get a kill. However, we found that The Bookkeeper always noticed our devices, so it’s easier to plant the flask and shoot it. If the target sees you, killing him will retain your Silent Assassin rank. You’ll only lose it if a guard spots you.

Step 3: The ledger

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Now it’s time for the second objective. First, wait for the guards to finish looking around and go about their business. Then, move over towards the main house. There’s a new disguise with more authority in a trailer outside that you need to dress Agent 47 in. See below for a map reference for this disguise.

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Now you’re ready to go into the house. Avoid the main stairs up to the front door and vault onto the veranda instead. There’s a camera over the front door, and we don’t need to deal with that now. Once you’re inside, use instinct to spot the enforcers. There’s one upstairs who walks around and can be a giant pain if you ignore them.

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You need to get upstairs, turn right, then right again and find the bathroom door on your right, which will be locked. Use the lockpick to unlock the door. Below is a map reference for the door.

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Go through the second door in the bathroom, and you’ll be in the bedroom. There’s an enforcer to your right, so wait for them to lean against the window before going in. You need to get to the safe on your left and unlock it with the lockpick to get the ledger.

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Step 4: Exit

To leave the area, go downstairs and back out of the front door. Watch out for the camera as you go, and remember to vault over the veranda instead of using the stairs. Every exit has a camera on it, so you’ll need to be careful. There’s one to the right of the house that you can get around by following the front edge of the house around the corner and sticking to the right. The camera’s view doesn’t quite stretch, so you can sneak past. From there, you can get through a gate and make it to the exit without any trouble. However, if you feel more comfortable with another exit, use that.

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By completing this Elusive Target, you’ll unlock the Tactical Gear With Hunter Hat to take into any mission in the game.

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