Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Fugitive Silent Assassin guide

Don’t get the wrong one, 47.


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The Fugitive is live again in Hitman 3, running from May 6 to 16. We’ve tested the route below multiple times in Elusive Target Arcade and can confirm it still works. However, you can also choose to wait until Diana gives you more clues about which NPC is your target before taking them down, though this can take much longer than our method.

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The Fugitive is one of the most interesting Elusive Targets in Hitman 3. Your target is one of three possible NPCs in Hokkaido, but you won’t know which one until Dianna has relayed information on the particulars of their facial reconstruction surgery to you. This makes it impossible to provide a Silent Assassin guide for the specific target, but we can give you the information you need to make a Silent Assassin kill possible regardless of which NPC is the target when you play.

Elusive Target warning

As with all Elusive Targets, you can’t restart or replan this mission once you’ve started completing objectives. In this instance that means once you kill the target, you can’t restart. However, you can restart and replan if you kill a non-target, which is where you can manipulate the mission somewhat. If you want to complete the mission legitimately, though, we recommend following our advice and only killing the target when you’re comfortable.


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Our chosen loadout sees you starting in the default location of Tobias Rieper’s Suite, though we’ve chosen to dress Agent 47 in the Polar Survival Suit. What’s essential is storing the Remote Emetic Gas Device in the Staff Wardrobe Smuggled Item location.

Step 1: Pick up your poison

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From your starting location, head out of the room and into the central area of the facility. Then, go through the doors into the outdoor area with the pond and head up the hill to the left. Just at the top, in the top-left corner, is a space where you can drop down and slide down a drainpipe. See below for a map reference for this location.

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Slide down the drainpipe and hang onto the ledge at the bottom. You then need to vault into the walkway above. Turn left, and you’ll see some stairs and a guard at the bottom who should be leaning against the wall. Sneak down and subdue that guard. You can store his body inside the facility in a wardrobe through the nearby door. Take his disguise when you’ve done so.

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From here, follow the icon on the map until you reach your smuggled item.

Step 2: Get to the restaurant

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After you’ve picked up the Remote Emetic Gas Device, head back the way you came, but this time go into the restaurant. Follow your path back up the stairs, but where you vaulted into the walkway, turn left and go through the first door on your right. In your current disguise, you won’t be recognized. One of the potential targets will walk in soon and sit on the couch near the bar. Below is a map reference for this couch.

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Step 3: Accidental kill

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You can now either visit the director’s office to get the files you need to identify the actual target, or you can wait for Dianna to relay the information on which is your target, but this takes a long time. Regardless of which target you need to kill, in this disguise, you’re able to drop the Remote Emetic Gas Device and detonate it immediately in front of your target. When this happens, they’ll head to the nearest bathroom to throw up. Follow them and kill them as they do.

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Now head for an exit. You’ll unlock the White Yukata outfit if this is your first Elusive Target kill in Hokkaido.