How cooking works in Weird West – Cooking guide

Whip up some excellent healing remedies.

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Like most modern RPGs, Weird West lets characters become top-class chefs with its unique cooking mechanics. Cooking may be a bit more simplistic than most games, but it is crucial to know what cooked foods offer the best benefits to your characters. Here’s where to find foods and how cooking can make you invincible.

What items do you need to cook?

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Firstly, players will be able to cook just by having any one food item. These foods range from shucks of corn, eggs, and to an array of meats. The easiest way of obtaining these is by visiting a town’s General Store. Most will cost just $4 to $15, but the stores will have a limited supply of each item. If you don’t have the cash, foods can also be discovered near campfires and by looting enemies and animals.

Where to cook foods and what it gives you

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All foods that you find can be cooked at campfires. There is usually at least one campfire inside of enemy territories, but the best place to spend time cooking danger-free is from camps. You can make one by heading to the World Map and clicking on any of the empty areas within it. Once a camp is established, you can cook foods at the fire to instantly grant additional HP. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to put these cooked items into your inventory to use for later.

It is important to note that the HP you receive depends on what items you use to cook. Typically, cooked vegetables can offer around 5 to 10 HP, while meats like steak or roasted chicken can give 20 to 50 HP. All recipes only require one item, so you’ll almost never be short of food supplies.

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