How do warp pipes work in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

No plumbing experience is necessary.

Image via Nintendo

The newest update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has arrived, and the theme should be familiar to Nintendo fans. Mario-themed items are now available to purchase, and that includes warp pipes. How exactly do they work, though? Fortunately, they aren’t complicated, but we’ll tell you exactly how to set up the closest thing to fast travel you can have on your island.

Once the items are available from the Nook Shopping terminal, you can find the warp pipes for sale. You can purchase as many as you want at 5,000 bells each, and they will stack inside your inventory. Place one pipe in any location on your island, and find another suitable location for the second pipe (which could include inside your home). Now, when you hop in one of the pipes, you will teleport to the other location. It’s not complicated.

What will complicate things is when you introduce a third pipe or more to your island. This will randomize the exit, and you’ll never be entirely sure where you can end up on your island. While this isn’t a huge dealbreaker, it could cause you some chaos if you build an entire network of pipes. If you place too many pipes, you can always pick them up and rearrange them later.

One great idea is to place two pipes between the furthest locations that you frequently use. For example, if your house is at the northern end of the island, you could place one inside or near your home and put the other pipe right by Dodo Airlines, reducing the number of steps you need to take before you set off to someone else’s island.