How does the Sight Focus Engraving work in Lost Ark? Answered

Make your attacks stronger!!!!!

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The Sight Focus Engraving is a strong Engraving that gives your skills power, and might also troll your teammates. The Engraving can increase the damage of your skills by 28% (half for Awakening skills), but only if you type something in chat.

That’s right — to achieve the damage buff from this Engraving, you actually have to type something in chat to activate it. All you need to input in chat are five exclamation marks (“!!!!!”). Once you do, the Sight Focus active will activate for 6 seconds and increase the damage to your skills by 8%/16%/28%. This effect has a cooldown of 30 seconds, so you don’t need to type this out all the time.

Note: You can type anything as long as the text contains the five exclamation marks, meaning you don’t need to just type out the exclamation marks by themselves. For instance, typing out “I love Lost Ark!!!!!” will still activate Sight Focus. This means you can get creative with your text, and have a little fun with it.

An easy way to activate the effect without typing a sentence out each time is by setting a Macro Text. You can do so by heading to the game’s settings, clicking the Community tab, then setting a Macro Text.

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Afterward, go to Hotkeys, and look up the Hotkey settings for the Macro Text. In this instance, you would hit Alt + 1 on your keyboard, and your text will come out and activate Sight Focus.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

That’s all you need to know about the Sight Focus Engraving in Lost Ark! Empower your attacks and have fun with your friends with this powerful Engraving.