How Heirloom Shards work in Apex Legends

From the Shards themselves, to spending them in the Heirloom Shop.

5 Heirlooms

Heirloom Shards are the most difficult to obtain material in Apex Legends, but that said: They are differently worth getting your hands on if you’re a dedicated player of the game. Heirloom Shards are the only currency in the game with which you can purchase a character’s heirloom.

Heirlooms are a melee weapon that have no damage boost, but are a cosmetic that many players will envy. You will care the heirloom around when your weapons are docked away, or before you have one. You can get the newest Heirloom in the game through its collection event, but for the rest of the Heirlooms, you will need Heirloom Shards. This guide will go over the use of Heirloom Shards in relation to accumulation and the Heirloom Shop. If you are instead looking for how to obtain them, please refer to the more relevant guide linked below.

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How many Heirloom Shards can I get?

50 Heirloom Shards
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When you receive Heirloom Shards, they can only be obtained in sets of 150 at a time. Each Heirloom Apex Pack will contain exactly 3 stacks of 50 Heirloom Shards. This amount is enough to purchase exactly one Heirloom. That said, Heirloom Shards can be stacked, meaning you can own 150, 300, 450, etc. at a given time.

You can either spend them when you get them, or hang on to them. You may want to especially hang on to them if you are waiting for a certain character’s Heirloom to be added into the game. Currently, no legends that weren’t present in Season 1 have an Heirloom.

The Heirloom Shop

Heirloom Shop
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The Heirloom Shop is where you go to spend your hard-earned Heirloom Shards. It is the third tab of the store, in between Apex Packs and Editions. Every Heirloom that has been added into the game thus far is present in the Heirloom Shop.

This shop is available to all players, but nothing will be available to purchase for players without Heirloom Shards. Once you purchase an Heirloom for 150 Heirloom Shards, it is bought up from the shop.

The Heirloom Shard cap

Lifeline's Heirloom - Shock Sticks
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It is extremely important to also know that if you have purchased every single Heirloom from the Heirloom Shop, you can no longer receive Heirloom Shards via any means. This is not a permanent prevention as Heirloom Shards only become unavailable as a currency until a new Heirloom is added into the game again for players who have bought all of the Heirlooms out.

Heirlooms, since the introduction of the third Heirloom (Lifeline’s Shock Sticks), are always introduced into the game via a Collection Event. TL;DR: If you have every Heirloom, you will need to wait until a Collection Event that offers a new Heirloom to get more Heirloom Shards.