How iconic items work in Cyberpunk 2077

Your gear defines you.

There are plenty of weapons, clothing, and customizable gear you can find in Cyberpunk 2077. What items you use depends on how you like to play your character, from an assassin who uses a sniper rifle to the heavy enforcer with a rocket launcher or a brawler who hefts a bat around. There are many weapons and clothing to find that you can use, and you can craft these items to make better versions of them. But there are also iconic items that you can find in the game, and these versions have distinct names to make these items stand out.

What are iconic items?

Whenever you find an iconic item, it likely has a unique appearance to it compared to the other games you find in the game and has a distinct name at the top. The first iconic weapon we were able to find was the Dying Night handgun, which you receive for completing The Gun quest and receive your gun from Wilson. You can find even more completing specific missions for characters or taking down harder bosses all over the game. A character will likely tell you before you accept a quest that they will provide you with a weapon for your hard work.

Whenever you pick up an iconic item, you also gain its crafting blueprint. Whenever the weapon becomes useless to you, you’ll be able to craft a better version of it in the future.

How to craft iconic items

When you start Cyberpunk 2077, you can craft common and uncommon items. However, when you receive iconic weapons, you’ll likely have the chance to create rare, epic, and legendary weapons. All of these weapon qualities require specific crafting perks for you to unlock. If you do not unlock these, you will not create a new version of the weapon, which is your best bet to use it throughout your playthrough.

You need to unlock the True Craftsman for rare items, and it requires you to be level one with technical ability. You need to unlock the Grease Monkey perk for epic weapons and have at least a level 12 in technical ability. For the final rarity, legendary items, you need to unlock Edgerunner Artisan and have at least a level 18 in technical ability.