How long is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War? – full campaign mission list

Mason, Woods, Hudson, and friends are at it again.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Image via Activision

The Call of Duty: Black Ops subseries from developer Treyarch has always been complex and strange, and the story campaign for Cold War is no different. In total, there are 16 missions to go through in this single-player mode, along with two optional side missions. In total, the Black Ops Cold War campaign should take six to seven hours to finish, which is on par with other Black Ops titles. Expect that length to increase depending on how devoted you are to finding Evidence, going through the side missions, or checking out every narrative choice and story ending.

The full list of campaign missions is below, but missions with an asterisk (*) are narrative or hub “missions” without much combat or action, and they do not have any trophies or achievements attached to them. The final two missions with a double asterisk (**) are special cases — a choice you make in Identity Crisis will determine which of these two missions you’ll play through.

Main campaign missions

  1. Nowhere Left to Run
  2. CIA Safehouse E9*
  3. Fracture Jaw
  4. East Berlin Briefing*
  5. Brick in the Wall
  6. Redlight, Greenlight
  7. Echoes of a Cold War
  8. Lubyanka Briefing*
  9. Desperate Measures
  10. Cuba Briefing*
  11. End of the Line
  12. Interrogation*
  13. Break on Through
  14. Identity Crisis*
  15. The Final Countdown**
  16. Ashes to Ashes**

Side missions

These two side missions will require that you gather pieces of Evidence throughout the other campaign missions. Upon selecting End of the Line on the Evidence Board, you’ll be warned that you cannot go back to these side missions once you proceed.