How Shipments work in Marvel’s Avengers

Loot boxes invade the superhero RPG, but will only take Units to unlock.

Image via Crystal Dynamics

With developer Crystal Dynamics removing paid consumables from Marvel’s Avengers, another element will be taking its place — Shipments. These grant players the opportunity to instantly unlock a large group of cosmetics and consumables without having to spend an actual cent. Although these do require Units, the pay off seems to be well worth it. Here’s how and when players can obtain Shipments.

Shipment cost and items

Image via Crystal Dynamics

Available through the November 30 update, users can discover shipments through the Consumables tab in the Character Management menu. From there, the game will offer one Shipment for the price of 500 Units, but by hovering over the box players can see what it currently holds before even buying it. If one opts not to buy the current Shipment, a new stock of items will be available every 24 hours starting at 9AM PT. However, these can be bought consecutively, allowing a player access to the next batch of stock without having to wait.

Here are the item types available in Shipments:

  • Outfits
  • Takedowns
  • Emotes
  • Nameplates
  • Boosters
  • Fragments
  • Upgrade Modules
  • Polychoron

In addition to previewing each Shipment’s current stock, another lengthy list will display what players may see in future Shipments. Essentially, this allows players to know what may come to them when buying multiple Shipments at a time. Lastly, if a Shipment gifts an item that is already owned, these can be sold for additional fragments — amounts varying by item rarity and type.

Free Shipments and Specialty Items

Image via Crystal Dynamics

Players can earn Shipments at no cost by completing objectives in the recently-added Rise and Shine questline. However, the catch is that missions offering these boxes will need to be finished before their given timer runs out. These timers can be discovered by checking below each mission’s quest name.

In between each update, Marvel’s Avengers will lend a chance at nabbing a rare Specialty Item from Shipments. Players can view each box’s current Stock to see if purchasing it will grant them the Specialty Item, but the chances are said to be slim. Despite this, the Specialty Item can be automatically unlocked once 100 Shipments have been opened before the next update. The first Specialty Item up for grabs is Iron Man’s Wakandan Stealth Outfit, with more to come in the future.

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