How soon can you get a haircut in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

Edith’s got you covered.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Character customization has become a standard and beloved feature in most action and RPG franchises, and Pokémon is no exception. Character customization debuted in the Pokémon series in Generation VI, which was X&Y, and has stuck around in some form ever since. Considering the set hairstyle at the top of the game, players may be eager to change things up in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, but how long do they have to wait to get a simple haircut?

The good news is that players don’t have to wait long to set foot inside Edith’s barbershop. The option becomes available to you once you pass Cyllene’s trial and officially join the Survey Corps, which happens after about an hour of gameplay. Cyllene will even give you 3,000 Poké Dollars of spending money, which more than covers Edith’s 500 Poké Dollar fee. That fee is non-refundable once you’re in the barber’s chair, by the way.

Once inside the shop, your character can get a haircut and get their hair or eyebrows dyed. Your hairstyle options at the beginning of the game are quite limited, but they will expand over time. But something is better than nothing, and you can be rocking white-dyed braids in almost no time at all.