How Strike Scoring works in Destiny 2

Let the games begin.

Image via Bungie

Strike Scoring is being added to Destiny 2’s Guardian Games 2022 competition. In it, you’ll be able to earn more medallions based on the day you play through specific Destiny 2 Strike Playlists for those looking to compete in the Guardian Games. This guide will cover how Strike Scoring works in Destiny 2 and why it matters.

There will be two Guardian Games playlists available that have to do with Strike Scoring. The first is Training, and the other is Competition. Both of these playlists will be available at different times. The Training playlist will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and it is considered practiced scoring for you and your fireteam. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, the Competitive playlist becomes available with more exciting rewards available to participants.

All players can earn buffs during both playlists based on how they rank in the playlist, with buffs available for bronze, silver, gold, and platinum placement. All buffs are available until the next weekly reset, so the higher you score, the more bonuses you’ll receive for your hard work, and these buffs are available in regular Vanguard Ops playlists.

Throughout all of these playlists, you’ll still have the chance to score Strike Medals. You’ll be able to earn these medals by completing unique feats during a Strike, such as causing multiple enemies to be destroyed by your Shatter ability. These feats will vary based on the playlist.

You’ll want to keep track of the exact time the Training and Competition playlists are available to make the most of your time working alongside your Fireteam. The higher your score, the more points you’ll earn during the Guardian Games 2022 competition.