How the Challenge Tracker widget works in Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension

Tracking your progress just got a whole lot easier.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

With the new star system, Apex Legends has made challenges a much bigger focus in Season 7: Ascension. With this change, it will be a lot easier for players to keep track of how they are doing on their challenges and how much each match contributes to each challenge with the new Challenge Tracker widget. Here is how and where the Challenge Tracker widget will appear and help you track your progress.

Lobby View

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Gone are the days of having to click through multiple tabs to see how you are doing on challenges. In the lobby, you will now have arrows on the bottom of the widget to flip between daily challenges, weekly challenges, and, when applicable, event challenges, all from the main lobby screen.

It should be noted that the weekly challenge view only shows you the five weeklies you are closest to completing. If you want to look at all of them, you can still view them from the traditional weekly challenges menu.

In-Game View

One of the greatest things about this update is that you can now view more than just dailies while you are in-game. When you open the map, you will have access to the same exact widget, as you see in the menu.

Finish a fight and want to see how many knockdowns you got for a weekly challenge? Now you can check your status on that challenge through the map screen instead of wondering until the end of the match.

End of Match View

While you don’t have access to the same widget on the end of the match screen, there is a major quality of life improvement in how you see your challenge progress. Formerly, a challenge would only pop up if there if you completed it.

The summary will show how much your match contributed to the various challenges you may or may not be consciously working towards. This vital change will make your progression through each challenge much clearer, and how much closer you are getting to your next Battle Pass level.

Overall, this new system cleans up the challenge system a lot. Not only does it make things quicker and more organized for core and hardcore players, but it will also encourage new and casual players to give working towards various Battle Pass challenges a try.