How to Build Fish Ponds in Stardew Valley


Fish ponds can become exceptionally useful for your Stardew Valley farm. There are several benefits to having a fish pond right outside your doorstep.

To open up the fish pond, you need the following items:

  • 5,000 gold pieces
  • 200 stones
  • Five seaweed
  • Five Green Algae

You need to acquire 5,000 gold pieces throughout the game naturally. You can gain it from running through the mines, selling their crops, the fish they catch, or completing tasks for the several NPCs in the city. The quicker you get to 5,000 gold pieces, the sooner you can add this useful farm piece to your land.

The other three items are significantly easier to get. You can find all of the stones you’re looking for in the city’s mine, which should take you a bit of time to gather up, but it won’t be backbreaking work. The seaweed and green algae are the same. You can find those by fishing for a set amount of time throughout the game.

When you have all the items, you need to visit the Carpenter’s Shop. Speak to Robin, and you can order the Fish Pond from her available choices under Construct Farm Buildings. Pick the location for the Fish Pond, and Robin will begin work on it the next morning.