How to become a Chemical Engineer in BitLife

Chemical engineering is a tough career path.

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Becoming an engineer is a difficult task in BitLife. You’ll need to go through University to make sure you receive the correct form of higher education, and then you need to apply for the right job that fits your character’s degree. Here’s what you need to know about how to become a Chemical Engineer in BitLife.

How to become a Chemical Engineer

To become a Chemical Engineer, you want to increase your character’s smarts skill as high as possible. You can do this while they’re young by having them read books and studying hard in school. The more they read, the more their smarts skill increases and remain high as they progress through life. When they get older, closer to High School, you can select for them to visit the Public Library to increase their smarts, rather than physically tapping to flip through a book.

After High School, you’ll want to apply for a Chemical degree at university. A chemical degree should be one of the several options available to your character before being accepted into a University. Similar to the process in High School, your character will need to study hard and read books to keep their smarts as high as possible.

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Once you’ve completed your four-year education at University, the last thing you need to do is find an Engineering job. You want to look for the one that strictly says their job title will be Engineer I, and they will become a Chemical Engineer at the end of it. To reach the Chemical Engineer career, they will need to work hard at their job and avoid any problems with their co-workers or boss. Eventually, your boss will promote you to Chemical Engineer.