How to become Guiltless and what it does in Salt and Sacrifice

Rejoin the land of the living.

Image via Ska Studios

When you start Salt and Sacrifice, your character will have shadowy eyes, with one foot partially in the grave and the other amongst the living. This is because your character went through the Magebane Rite and died in the presence of magic. Now, they are living nor dead, but they can return to the living by becoming Guiltless. In this guide, we will cover how to become Guiltless and what it does in Salt and Sacrifice.

For your character to become Guiltless, you will need to obtain Guiltless Shard. You have the chance to find these Shards throughout the world as you explore Salt and Sacrifice through random drops or specific chests that you discover. In addition, when you reload an area, some of the bags and lootable items return, giving you a chance to obtain a Shard from these locations. However, these typically contain random items, and they are not a good source for you to use.

When you have a Guiltless Shard, you can use it to turn your character into a Guiltless. Their eyes will return to color, and they will no longer have the eerie shroud around them.

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In addition to your character’s appearance changing, you’ll notice the blue part adjacent to your health disappears. Instead, you now have a full health bar, giving you a better chance of potentially defeating some tougher bosses that you’ll find while exploring the game, hunting down Mages. Your character will return to the previous state when they survived the Magebane Rite whenever you die, forcing you to use another Guiltless Shard to become Guiltless once again.