How to become Santa in BitLife

Check your list twice.

Image via Candywriter

For those keen on sharing the holiday cheer in BitLife, or looking to complete the Bad Santa challenge, you have the opportunity to become Santa. How you go about doing this is not too complicated, but some players may encounter a bit of trouble with it when attempting to fulfill this particular task.

To become Santa in BitLife, you need to wait until your character is much older. They wouldn’t make a convincing Santa with a worthwhile beard or silver hair if they were in their 20’s. Make sure your character hits 65 years old, and they’re a male.

After you hit those requirements, you can go to the part-time job tab in the occupation tab. There should be a mall Santa job available for you to apply for. If you attempt to apply for this job at a younger age, chances are you won’t be accepted, and you’ll consistently be rejected for several reasons.

Once you receive the call that you’ve accepted the job at age 65 or older, you’ll be spread Christmas cheer to everyone in the mall. Or you can cause trouble, robbing homes, and telling children Santa is not real in the Bad Santa challenge. The real challenge is waiting until you’re old enough to apply for the job.