How to become the boss of a Mafia in BitLife

The head of the family.

Image via Candywriters

Becoming the boss of a Mafia crime family in BitLife can take quite some time. Not only do you have to earn enough reputation to enter the Mafia in the first place, but then you have to work up through the various authority figures to gain their confidence. There are several ways to do this, and this primarily works by having enough notoriety and respect from several members. Here’s what you need to know about becoming the boss of a Mafia in BitLife.

Before you can worry about becoming the boss, you’ll need to first focus on joining a Mafia. The best way to do this is to begin committing crimes early on in your character’s life. We recommend doing this when your character is younger because there’s less chance of them going to jail if the police catch you. You’ll want to focus on smaller crimes, such as shoplifting, robbing houses or cars, being a porch pirate, or pickpocketing strangers.

When you reach 18, like any full-time job, you’ll have the chance to join a Mafia in the Special Careers tab on the Occupation page. Here, you’ll need to select from any available Mafia organizations. Each will have a unique notoriety level indicating their reputation.

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After joining the family, you’ll continue working through the various available crimes you’ve already been committing. However, the big difference is you’ll be offering it to your Mafia family. Each time you contribute to the family, you’ll slightly increase your relationship with them, and you receive a small cut for your donation. It’s much less than the amount you could make, but it should help further your career in the Mafia family. You’ll also want to make sure you’re choosing to put in some extra work for the family, similar to any other career in BitLife.

We don’t recommend asking for promotions unless you have a high relationship with the head of the family. A Mafia organization will never trust you if you attempt to be too close with them as it may hint that you’re a rat working for the authorities. Instead, wait for them to reach out to you and accept every invitation sent by the head of the family. These are good opportunities to see how close you are with them and your chances of a promotion in the future.

Eventually, you’ll become the Underboss of the organization as you continue to contribute to the family and commit crimes. Then, when the head of the family dies, you’ll replace them, becoming the boss of the Mafia family.