How to catch all Islehoppers in Sea of Thieves

Everything you need to know to catch all five Islehoppers.

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Catching all of the Islehoppers requires a bit more travel compared to catching many other fish in Sea of Thieves. Unlike Regional species located across large swaths of the map, each Islehopper can only be found within the title cards of specific Large Islands. That means you’ll have to journey to at least four distinct islands if you want to catch all five Islehoppers (the Raven can be found at any Large Island). Fortunately, Islehoppers require no bait to catch, meaning you won’t have to waste time digging for Earthworms or Leeches. This also means the pool of potential fish you can catch will be limited to Splashtails and the Islehopper that you’re going for.

Remember, fishing in Sea of Thieves is randomized, and it often requires heavy RNG (luck) to catch the rarer fish variants. Fishing with a larger crew increases your chances, but results may vary drastically. That said, this guide tells you exactly where each Islehopper can be found.

Stone Islehopper

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Locations & Coordinates:

  • Sailor’s Bounty – C-4
  • Cannon Cove – G-10
  • Shark Bait Cove – H-19
  • Shipwreck Bay – M-10
  • Crook’s Hollow – M-16
  • Fetcher’s Rest – V-12

Though common within the title cards of the islands listed above, the Stone’s dark gray complexion makes it difficult to identify, especially at night. We recommend you fish for these during the day to make it easier, and keep an eye out for the pinkish-red tail and underbelly that give it away. You can also adjust your display’s brightness, if necessary. One regular raw Stone Islehopper sells for 105 Gold at Seaposts.

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Moss Islehopper

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Locations & Coordinates:

  • Wanderers Refuge – F-12
  • Lone Cove – H-6
  • Thieves’ Haven – L-20
  • Marauder’s Arch – Q-3
  • Ashen Reaches – V-23
  • Ruby’s Fall – Y-16

Identifying a green and yellow Moss Islehopper in the water should be simple compared to the Stone Islehopper. The bright green Seafoam Splashtail could confuse you once or twice at night, but you should easily notice the Seafoam’s distinct fluorescence. For fishermen seeking quick coin, a good strategy is to fish at the north point of Wanderers Refuge toward coordinates G-12. From there, you can sail two tiles northeast to The Northstar Seapost and sell regular uncooked Moss to The Hunter’s Call for 105 Gold each.

Honey Islehopper

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Locations & Coordinates:

  • Crescent Isle – B-9
  • Discovery Ridge – E-17
  • Plunder Valley – G-16
  • The Sunken Grove – P-7
  • Kraken’s Fall – R-12
  • The Devil’s Thirst – W-21

Back to a tricky fish variant, the Honey Islehopper’s yellow-orange color palette makes it look similar to a Sunny Splashtail in the water. If you’re not paying close enough attention, you could catch the wrong fish. Try to keep an eye out for the Honey’s unique shape, bulbous black eyes, and bright yellow head to avoid catching a Sunny. We recommend fishing on the east side of Discovery Ridge. You can then sail one tile east to The Finest Trading Post and sell your wares. One regular raw Honey Islehopper sells for 105 Gold at Seaposts.

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Raven Islehopper

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Locations & Coordinates:

  • Any Large Island (see Amethyst Islehopper locations)

Aside from just being the Rare variant of Islehopper, there is a unique way you should go about catching the Raven to optimize your time. If you haven’t found one by the time you’ve caught the previous three Islehoppers, or if you want to complete the Commendation for catching 10, you should fish for these exclusively at Large Islands where the Amethyst Islehopper is located. This limits the potential pool to just Splashtails and the Raven (meaning no other Islehoppers during the day). Also, you can still work on catching the Amethysts at night.

Similar to the Stone, the Raven is also dark and difficult to see in the water. Look out for its pinkish fins and bright blue belly that give it away. One regular raw Raven Islehopper sells for 1,050 Gold at Seaposts — a whopping 10x more than the other variants.

Amethyst Islehopper

Image via Sea of Thieves Wiki

Locations & Coordinates (Only at Night):

  • Mermaid’s Hideaway – B-13
  • Smuggler’s Bay – F-3
  • Snake Island – K-16
  • Old Faithful Isle – M-4
  • The Crooked Masts – O-11
  • Devil’s Ridge – P-19
  • Flintlock Peninsula – W-14

The Amethyst Islehopper is the Night variant of Islehopper, which is both a good and a bad thing. On the literal bright side, the Amethyst is easy to spot as it glows purple in the water at night. The downside is that you only have the duration of each night cycle to catch as many as you can. After that, you’ll have to wait till night rolls around again to catch more. If you want to sell as soon as possible, it’d be best to fish at Snake Island, which is right beside Stephen’s Spoils. However, if you’re going for all of the fish in Sea of Thieves, Mermaid’s Hideaway has a freshwater pool where you can catch Pondies during the day. One regular raw Amethyst Islehopper sells for 105 Gold at Seaposts.

Keep in mind that you could also randomly happen upon the fish you seek in Shipwreck Barrels, Barrels of Plenty, Skeleton Ship Food Barrels, Rowboat Chests, and Storage Crates.