How to catch and cook fish in Stranded Deep

Fish are everywhere.

When you’re looking for a quick meal in Stranded Deep, look no further than everywhere around you. There are fish swimming in the ocean all over the place, and there are multiple ways to catch them. Once you have them, though, you’ll need to cook them so you can eat them rather than biting down on them raw, potentially poisoning you and causing you to become sick.

How to catch fish

There are multiple ways for you to catch fish. When you’re first starting, the best way for us to craft a fishing spear, you can do this by grabbing a single wood stick to make a crude fishing spear in your inventory. Once you have that, walk into the shallow parts of the island, aim your spear, and try to hit any of the small fish swimming around you. You’ll have to spot on to grab them, and you don’t need to swim too far out to grab them.

Another option is for you to create a fishing rod, but it requires a few more materials. You’ll have to gather up three lashings and three wood sticks to craft the fishing rod, and then after that, you’ll need to make a bobber to make it easier to tell when a fish grabbed your hook. The fishing rod is safer to use because your character remains above the surface, allowing you to go further out into the water, but it takes longer to fish. The further from shore you go, the bigger, better fish you can catch with both items.

How to cook fish

Like any animal you capture in Stranded Deep, you’ll need to take it out, put it on the ground, and then skin it. It’s similar to when you capture a crab or a boar on land. Depending on the fish’s size, you’ll have to do this several times to obtain the meat inside of it. After you have the meat, you can approach any fire pit you’ve created to start cooking it. You will not be able to cook the fish immediately after catching it, so make sure you remember to skin it once you’re ready to begin cooking.