How to complete A Figure of Beauty request in Pokémon Snap

Sleeping cats.

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There are several Pokémon you can encounter in their natural habitat in the New Pokémon Snap. With a little bit of clever planning, and using the correct item, these creatures will perform amazing feats and unique interactions with other Pokémon that you can capture with your camera. For A Figure of Beauty request, you’ll need to capture a Liepard standing on its legs. You can do this in the Founja Jungle when it becomes night time.

Before you embark on the adventure, you need to make sure you choose to go on the Founja Jungle tour while at research level one. If you go to any higher levels, you won’t have the chance to capture a picture of Liepard on its hind legs. You can change the research level by clicking ‘X’ on the Founja Jungle (Night) tour before selecting to go on it.

When you arrive at the location, you want to look to your right and throw as many fluffruits at the Arbok sitting in the tree to knock it down. It takes six direct hits to knock it out. Once you’ve done that, you’ll proceed to the next location where a Liepard stops in your path. On the upper path, there is a sleeping Liepard that you need to wake up using your melody. When it jumps down, you will follow it down the path to the next area.

This next part can be a little difficult. You will go down the pathway, following the Liepard you’ve woken up to find where they go to rest. There will be a second one to the left of it, but you can ignore it for now. A third one is set to arrive at that location, but before it can, you must throw illumina orbs at the Liepard you followed, the one on the right side. You have to do this until the third one appears and then play the melody. When you play the melody, all three of the Liepards will react, and the one on the left will stand on its hind legs. Take a picture of it to finish the request. It should be a four star photograph.

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When you turn in the photograph to the professor, make sure to return to the research camp and claim your reward.