MLB The Show 22: How to complete Spring Showers Conquest and all hidden rewards

It’s raining headliner packs

Screenshot by DoubleXP

MLB The Show 22 is full of a variety of offline modes in Diamond Dynasty designed to help you bolster your roster and feel more prepared for online competition. Today we’re going to dive deep into one of the limited-time conquest maps for the Spring Showers Program and make it rain some nice rewards.

It’s worth noting that this conquest will expire on May 20 and will net you an extra 30,000 program XP when you finish it, so make sure you set aside time to get it done. It only features six teams: Blue Jays, Marlins, Diamondbacks, Astros, Brewers, and Mariners. However, for the first time this year, conquest does feature turn specific goals in which you have to complete a task by a certain turn in order to get credit. So let’s dig into the goals and how to accomplish them.

Screenshot by DoubleXP
  • Goal 1: Capture the Arizona Diamondbacks & Toronto Blue Jays stronghold on or before the second turn. Use your two strongholds and make a straight line for both of those strongholds. (Rewards are a 5 The Show Pack bundle, 600 Stubs, and 600 program XP)
  • Goal 2: conquer 50 Territories on the Spring Showers map (Rewards are 50 stubs and 150 program XP)
  • Goal 3: Conquer 75 Territories on or before the 5th turn. This is a simple goal as long as you keep yourself in the center of the map. Always make sure you can move to the open space (Rewards are a Headliners set 1 pack, 100 Stubs, and 200 program XP)
  • Goal 4: Acquire 100M Fans before completing the Spring Showers map (Rewards are Headliner set 2 pack, 200 Stubs, and 250 program XP
  • Goal 5: Including your secondary Stronghold, capture and own 6 Strongholds on the Spring Showers map.
  • Goal 6: Conquer all Territories & complete the Spring Showers map to see two Ballin is a habit packs in your forecast (Rewards are two Ballin is a Habit packs, 1000 Stubs, and 2000 Program XP

This map has 116 spaces on it. Below is a list of the hidden rewards and their locations

  • Show pack near the bottom stronghold
  • Ballin is a habit pack 4 spaces north of the Brewers Stronghold
  • Headliner set 5 pack near the west side of the map close to the Mariners
  • Show pack on top of the Mariners Stronghold
  • Show pack adjacent to Marlins Stronghold