How to complete the A Farmer’s Ardor side quest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Love can be a funny thing.


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A Farmer’s Ardor is the side quest you unlock by completing Goblins in the Garden. It’s far more interesting than the prerequisite side quest and shows a truly Wonderlands-esque love story. This guide explains how to complete the side quest so you can bask in its glory.

Step 1: Help Flora

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Flora is around the back of the farm that you visit for the Goblins in the Garden side quest. Once you’ve killed all the goblins, you’ll see her crying and can speak to her to initiate the quest. She’s sad because Alma won’t return her love and because you just massacred all the goblins. When you take her flowers to Alma, you’ll be told that only a particular type of goblin will ever let her love Flora. This sets Flora off on a quest to find that perfect goblin.

Step 2: Find the loincloths

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Your first task is to find the stinkiest loincloths in Queen’s Gate. There are three that you’ll need to track down before Grimble appears. He’s the smelliest of all goblins and will run away when you attack him. After he’s dead, take his loincloth back to Flora to help her summon a goblin of her own.

Step 3: Get the Polka Dot Dye

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The next task is to pick up some Polka Dot Dye. There’s some in the south of the farm, and this part of the quest unlocks it so that you can explore it and pick up all the collectibles beyond. Once you’ve found the dye and returned it to Flora, it transforms the goblin into a beautiful, magical creature. After that, the only thing left to acquire is poetry.

Step 4: Get a tongue for Flora

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The final portion of this quest is getting a tongue from the graveyard of hundreds of bards. These enemies are the toughest to defeat in this quest, but you won’t get overwhelmed if you manage them correctly. Once you have the tongue, return to Flora for a surprising ending to what feels like a lengthy questline.