How to complete the All Swashed Up side quest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Help Alex with his unfinished business.

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Rude Alex needs your help. He died a couple of days ago but has no idea how or why. The only evidence is a hook in his head. Be a good adventurer and figure things out for him. Here is how you complete the All Swashed Up side quest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

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You can pick up this side quest after completing the Ballad of Bones main quest. Once that quest is complete, make your way to Crackmast Cove. From the entrance, go to the Scallywag Landing fast travel site, and you will find the quest nearby.

Solving a mystery

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Start the quest by traveling up the path and going through the small town filled with pirates. You will find Rude Alex behind the houses. He is trapped inside a flask on a wooden box. After freeing him, go down the road to the right of the buildings to an area blocked by a large skull. You will need to solve the puzzle to gain entry. This one is easy. Shoot the fuses of the cannons from smallest to largest. The solution is in the image above. Once the puzzle is solved, travel forward and defeat the seawargs. After they are defeated, pick up Rude Alex’s Nose Ring.

To the apothecary

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Keep moving forward and defeat the guards blocking the apothecary entrance. Afterward, climb the platforms and pick up the potion of acid splash and use it on the sewer grate. Go through the sewer and drop down. Climb up the platforms to get inside the apothecary. Once inside the apothecary, you will need to find some clues. They can be found in the following areas:

  • The small room to the left of where you enter the apothecary. Pick up the book on the table for the first clue.
  • Go forward from where you enter the apothecary and climb the wooden platforms. Follow the platforms around to a walled-off room. Jump over the wall and pick up the “Health Potion” for a clue.
  • Go through the small doorway to the right of where you enter the apothecary. Go down the stairs and pick up the Shipping Manifest for the final clue.

More information

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After finding the clues, follow Rude Alex to two NPCs. They will quickly drink potions that turn them into seawargs. Defeat them and pick up Alex’s hat. Go through the gate and defeat the pirates on the other side. After the fight, go over to the skull on the post and interact with it. This will remind Alex how to sabotage the potion vat. Go over to the vat and ignite the heating element by hitting it. Next, climb up on the roof of the building and pull the lever to close the pipes. Last, pick up the barrel next to the shack by the house, place it in the vat, and shoot it.

Follow Alex away from the vat to find Captain Pirate. After a brief exchange between Alex and Captain Pirate, fight Captain Pirate and his crew. Talk to Alex after the fight to complete the quest.