How to complete the Joker Challenge in BitLife

What’s the punch line?

Image via Candywriter

Life’s full of laughs, and in the BitLife Joker Challenge, you can make plenty of people laugh. The previous week featured the Dark Knight, and so it makes sense for players to experience life in the caped crusader’s arch-nemesis’ shoes.

These are the requirements for the challenge.

  • Be a male
  • Become a clown
  • Rob a bank with a silly string
  • Kill 6+ people
  • Escape prison 3+ times

The first series of tasks are fairly straight forward. You have to be born a male and then become a clown. A clown lifestyle is simple, and it’s an occupation you can choose without any education, so feel free to do this whenever you’re ready. You’ll need to wait for the job to pop up as an available occupation, so you may need to refresh it every year until it appears.

The challenging part of this challenge is the life of crime. You’ll need to rob a bank using a silly string. The item, silly string, is a weapon you can choose to use before you rob a bank. To rob the bank first, go to the “activities” tab, and choose “Crime.” You’ll have an option to rob a bank, and you’ll have the option to use silly string. You may not see it the first time, so if you’d don’t, refresh it for another year and then try to rob the bank again.

Now, you’ll also have to kill at least six people. You can do this over the course of your lifetime, and it’ll vary on how and when you do. We recommend you do it during the next part when you go to prison. You’ll need to go to prison at least three times because you’ll need to escape prison three times. Escaping prison can be difficult, but we have a guide that breaks that down. It might be easier to take out six people while in prison, so consider that option before leaving, or use it as an excuse to be thrown back into prison.

After you’ve done all of that, you’ll have completed the Joker Challenge. The Prince of Crime will be proud, and you might even fight Batman trying to put you back behind bars.