How to complete the Rainbow Six Extraction Nightmare Fog live event

Everything is twisted, don’t succumb to the mist.


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Nightmare Fog is the second live event in Rainbow Six Extraction, bringing a new way to play. The purple Nightmare Fog has taken over every map, leaving only a few bubbles of breathable air for Operators to use as they battle the Archaean threat. This guide explains how to complete an entire mission with three objectives during the event so you don’t succumb to the latest alien danger.

Step 1: Complete your first objective

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The first objective in a Nightmare Fog mission will task you with completing one of the following objectives.

These objectives will be primarily the same as they are in the base game. The only exception is that Nightmare Fog will consume the map. The only safe areas with breathable air are the extraction zone, a barricaded safe zone, and the airlock between sub-maps. Complete this first objective, or skip it and head to the airlock to reach the next sub-zone.

Step 2: Complete Nightmare Fog Decontamination

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The second objective in Nightmare Fog missions will always be a variation of the Decontamination objective. You and your team must destroy all the Aberant Nests in the sub-zone. As soon as you start to eliminate these Nests, Archaeans will begin spawning from them, making your life incredibly difficult. This is made worse when you suffer from hallucinations caused by the Nightmare Fog.

Once you’ve destroyed all the Aberant Nests, a central nest will open and emit a sickly purple glow. You need to get over to it and take a sample to complete the objective. While you can skip this objective and head straight for the third sub-zone, completing this variation of Decontamination makes the final objective easier to complete. By completing this second sub-zone, you halve the Toxic Tree’s energy in the final sub-zone, making it more manageable.

Step 3: Destroy the Toxic Tree

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The final objective in the Nightmare Fog mission is the toughest. You need to find the Toxic Tree, similar to the tree that holds MIA Operators, and kill it. Scout out the map until you locate the Toxic Tree from the airlock. This will ensure you don’t raise your Neurotoxin level too much. Then, make a break for the Toxic Tree and shoot its anchor points and arch cells. This will cause the tree to try to regenerate, but if you keep on top of it like a standard tree, you’ll deplete its energy fast. Once the tree’s energy is bottomed out, its core will be exposed. You need to use a melee attack on the core to kill the tree and eradicate the Nightmare Fog.

This is more difficult because Archaeans will spawn and attack you while you attack the tree. They don’t want the tree to die because it’s giving them a safe space, and you’re taking that away from them. Prepare for these attacks by laying traps like mines and keeping an eye on the corridors. If you’re fast, you’ll kill the tree before the other enemies become too much of an issue.

After the mission is completed, head to the extraction point and go to the main menu. All of your Operators should gain experience because now even level 10 Operators can be prestiged. You’ll also gain some progress towards the five new Studies in the Nightmare Fog event and probably pick up some new time-limited cosmetics.