How to complete The Stakeout, Part 1 quest in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt

Find out if this is the best location.


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The Stakeout, Part 1 is a quest in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt that you can get by speaking to Kirill. He wants to identify the perfect location for some activities he’s planning, and Maia has suggested one. So now it’s down to you to find out if it’s going to work. This guide explains how to complete the quest because it isn’t that obvious.

How to scout the area around Rooftop Restaurant

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Once you’ve picked this quest up, you’ll get a red square marker on your map when you play your next match. The red square is on the Rooftop Restaurant location, highlighting where you need to go. The area is extremely exposed, so you’ll want to spawn as close as possible to it if you’re trying to complete this quest. While there are many places to hide, we don’t recommend sticking around for long. Get to Rooftop Restaurant quickly and scout it before moving on.

To successfully scout the area around Rooftop Restaurant, you need to run around it and the rooftops surrounding it. There’s no one location that you need to interact with to complete the quest, so move around it a few times and then get out of there when the red fog starts to close in. We completed the quest without interacting with a blue orb, so you should be able to as well. When you’ve completed the quest, visit Kirill in Elysium to hand it in and pick up a new quest for your next match.