How to complete the Titanic Challenge in BitLife

She went down in history.

Although the Titanic originally sank in April 1912, BitLife is taking you back through history with the Titanic Challenge. You’ll have to go through the process as the character Rose, not as Jack.

Here are all of the requirements to complete the Titanic Challenge.

The first requirement is fairly straightforward. You’ll need to start the game as a female character named Rose. From there, the next step is to learn how to swim. You can do this by joining a swimming club at the school you’re attending. There’s no other way to do this, but it’s straightforward. We recommend you increase your character’s athleticism by going for walks whenever you have the opportunity and keeping your health up.

Next, you have to cheat on your fiance. You have to find someone who wishes to marry you first, and then from there, you can choose to hold off the engagement to sleep with another random character, fulfilling this requirement. You potentially can marry your fiance if they never discovered you cheated on them.

After that, you’ll need to become a nude art model. You can do this from the occupation page. It’ll be one of the careers you can choose to take that does not require any skills. The only skill it does require is that you have it appear as a choice. It’s randomly generated, so you’ll have to wait a few rotations for it to appear if you’re lucky.

The most difficult one is to survive a shipwreck. If you want to survive a shipwreck, you have to earn enough money to obtain a boat and learn how to drive it. We’ve listed out all of the potential questions and answers you’ll receive for your boating license. Once you obtain a boat, all you have to do is take it out to sea enough times for an accident to happen, and hopefully, you survive. If you don’t, you’ll have to start all over again.

The final one is to throw away a 5ct+ diamond ring. You can purchase the ring whenever you have the money and choose to throw it in the trash.

Once you’ve finished all of those requirements, you’ll finish the Titanic Challenge in BitLife. You’ll receive a new accessory item in your inventory to place on any character you make on that profile.