How to complete the Trial of Crooked-Eye Phil side quest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Evil Phil needs your help.

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Phil, unfortunately, sounds very evil. Because of this, some pirates want to lock him up and throw away the key. He has been put on trial, and he needs a great lawyer. It looks like you will have to do it. Here is how you complete the Trial of Crooked-Eye Phil side quest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

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To obtain this quest, you will first need to complete the Ballad of Bones quest. This will allow you to enter the area of the Overworld past Wargtooth Shallows. Once in the Overworld, go down the hill to the NPC that gives you the Eye of the Deceiver quest. Make a left and go between the rocks where you see the Lucky Dice. You can pick up the quest from behind the rock with the Lucky Dice on it.

Let the trial commence

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Your first objective is to find Phil. To do this, go up the hill to Crackmast Cove. Once you load in, follow the path to where it opens up. Continue forward to where you see the large anchor in the distance. Deal with the pirates in the area next to the anchor and then knock on the box sitting on the wooden platform. Phil will answer you.

Defeat more pirates

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After a brief conversation, you will be tasked with pulling the lever behind Phil’s cage. Pull the lever and then defend yourself from an onslaught of pirates. When the fight is over, go to the nearby cover that is to the right of the cage to find the directions to Phil’s cove. Once you have the directions, continue in the same direction to find a local to talk to. You will find a group of pirates to speak to.

Puzzle time

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Talk to Surle Finbreaker. You will need to prove yourself as a pirate. Go deep into the nearby cave and defeat the pirates within. After the fight, go up to the wooden platform. There will be three levers. Above the door are three symbols. Pull the levers until the green symbols match up with the white symbols underneath to open the door.

Follow the tunnel to Phil’s lair. Look through his lair until you find the certificate of non-evilness. It is located in the chest in the back left corner of the room. Pull the chain next to the fireplace to open the secret passageway and follow the tunnel. Take a right after the drop and follow the pathway to meet up with Churl.

Destroy the evidence

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After Surle opens the gate for you, follow the pathway up the hill. You will need to destroy three totems like the one in the image above. They can be found in the following places:

  • At the top of the first hill.
  • To the right of the first totem on a wooden platform in front of a house.
  • On a wooden platform behind the house that the second one is in front of.

After you destroy the three totems. Meet back up with Churl at the end of town. Churl will open the gate for you. Continue along the path. You can destroy two more totems that are on the way to jail. Go through town to where the box from earlier is hanging. With the box empty, make your way back into the town and to the jail. Melee the cannon to destroy the weak wall to the left of the jail.

Find Phil (finally)

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Follow the pathway back into the jail and go through the large building. Go to the top of the building, taking out the pirates along the way. Phil is in the jail cell at the top of the building. After speaking to Phil, follow the pathway behind the jail to the courthouse. Talk to Phil once more and approach the stand. Present the certificate and listen to the court proceeding.

During this time, you will get two bonus objectives. You can either choose to do nothing or melee the nearby totem and shoot Judge Boil. Finish the court proceedings, violently or nonviolently, and talk to Phil afterward. The quest will now be complete.