How to complete Where it Snacks and Snoozes in Pokémon Snap

Friends are hidden all over the place.

Image via The Pokemon Company

There are several courses and locations for you to explore in Pokémon Snap, where you can see Pokémon in their natural environment. Many of them are hidden away in the flora, minding their own business. With a simple nudge, you can capture a picture of them performing a rare action or interacting with other Pokémon. The characters in the game will have requests for you to take photos of certain events, and one of these requests will be called Where it Snacks and Snoozes. You will need to complete this request on the Florio Nature Park during the night.

The request will be for you to take a picture of a Heracross in the Florio Nature Park, but it’s hiding. When you drop into the map, go through the route until you pass the small bridge where Tangrowth is and where all Murkrows are eating. On the left side, there is a mound of dirt. Scan the mount of dirt, and Pinsir’s head will stick out. When they do, throw an Illumina orb at it to have it pop out.

Once the Pinsir is out of the ground and glowing, scan it multiple times. After the third try, a Heracross will fall from the trees. You want to take a picture of Heracross looking up at Pinsir, and the request is finished. Heracross flies away shortly after this and appears elsewhere on tour.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you return to the research, turn in the quest to finish it and claim your prize.