How to create, join, and leave guilds in Elder Scrolls Online

Find some new friends and explore the world.

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While other Elder Scrolls titles have you adventuring alone (or perhaps with an NPC companion), Elder Scrolls Online features one of the cornerstones of any MMO — guilds. Joining a guild full of like-minded adventurers allows you access to a group of people willing to do content, whether it’s end-game Trials or simply bouncing around the world in search of loot. However, the Guild system isn’t intuitive, so here’s how to create, join, and leave guilds in Elder Scrolls Online.

Let’s start with some guild basics. Any player can join up to five guilds per account, and your alliance affiliation (Aldmeri Dominion, Ebonheart Pact, and Daggerfall Covenant) does not affect your guild affiliation — except in Cyrodiil. During World PvP, you can capture zones, but the rewards will only extend to your guild if your alliance affiliations match.

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Guilds are required if you wish to sell items via the Guild Trader system — think Auction House or Market Board from other MMOs. Guilds need to bid on a Trader or win a Keep in Cyrodiil to be able to utilize Guild Traders to sell items.

How to creat guilds

Creating a guild can be done by accessing the Guild option from your Main Menu (Hotkey: G). There is no penalty or fee to creating a Guild, but be aware that you require at least one other person before qualifying as a Guild. Furthermore, you need minimum 50 members to hire a Guild Trader.

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How to join guilds

If you want to join a pre-existing guild, you can also do so from the Guild menu. Click Browse Guilds, choose your category, and browse. Many guilds have requirements before you can apply, such as minimum Champion Points level, or a Discord requirement, so be aware of these before you apply.

How to leave guilds

Finally, if you find that a guild just isn’t for you, or you’re having a rough time with your current one, you can leave whenever you wish. Choose the appropriate Guild you wish to leave, and hit the X key while on their home page.