How to cultivate a field in Farming Simulator 22

Preparation is half the battle.


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One of the most important jobs you’ll do in Farming Simulator 22 is cultivating. This job is how you prepare a field for new crops and generally keep the soil in good condition. While fertilizing is goes a long way, cultivating is half the battle you need to fight to keep your soil in good condition and ready to be worked season after season. This guide explains how to cultivate a field, so you’re always prepared for a new crop. 

The right equipment for the job

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First, you’ll need a tractor and a cultivator. Any tractor will work, but you can find the best combinations of cultivators and tractors in the packs the in-game store offers. When you have these at your farm, you need to attach the cultivator to the tractor, drive up to the field you want to cultivate, and lower the cultivator. Then, you can drive the tractor up and down the field in strips, watching as it turns the soil and leaves behind a beautiful base in which you can plant seeds.

When to cultivate a field

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You should cultivate a field after you’ve harvested it. This will leave you with an excellent even base that you can plant seeds in, fertilize, and care for until the crop is ready to be harvested the following season. It might seem odd to drag a cultivator through a field with debris left over from the previous crop in, but this will get churned over and go some way towards preventing weeds and further fertilizing the next crop you sew.