How to destroy Barricades in Rainbow Six Mobile

Don’t let them keep you out.


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In Rainbow Six Mobile, if you are on the Attacking team, you will be dealing with many traps that the Defenders have set up. Whether it is Kapkan’s door traps or Mute’s jammers, you will want to know what is lying in front of you. However, when you come to any doorway, you will likely find it barricaded, either at the start of the match or from the Defending team setting up. Here is how to destroy those Barricades.

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How to destroy Barricades in Rainbow Six Mobile

There are quite a few Barricades you will come across in Rainbow Six Mobile, but most are very easy to destroy. Normal door and window Barricades can be destroyed by either shooting them or hitting them with a melee three times. By default, you should have a Melee button represented as a knife or be able to perform the action by double-tapping the right side of your screen. You can also blow them up with explosives and breach through them.

While these are your normal ways to destroy Barricades, you may want to reconsider taking them out and charging in. As you hit the barricade, pieces of it will fall apart. You can give yourself a window where you can peek into the room and potentially pick off an enemy or two by doing this. Just be careful that they don’t spot you looking in because those Barricades do not offer hardly any protection.

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Besides Barricades, you will also come across Reinforced Walls. Every Defender can put these on two walls when they begin the round. The only way to get through these is with Hibana or Thermite’s specials. Everyone else can only take down normal Barricades. Taking down the walls and doors blocking your way to the objective will quickly give you an advantage by destroying potential hiding places for enemies and giving yourself new sightlines.