How to detect scents in The Good Life

Who’s a good little dog?

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The Good Life’s main character, Naomi Hayward, is required to find out the secrets of Rainy Woods. However, in order to find out what’s going on, Naomi will have to transform into a cat so she can climb buildings. Some puzzle solving will unlock scent detecting by turning into a dog.

How to unlock the dog transformation

After you’ve made some progress in the story, Elizabeth Dickens will ask you to meet her at 11 PM. Doing so will have you chasing after her into the forest. But, you’ll eventually lose her once you come across a badger who Naomi is too scared to move past.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Naomi isn’t able to track Elizabeth down, so you’ll be tasked with talking with three residents: Pauline Atwood, Michelle O’Reilly, and Elizabeth’s step-brother, William Dickens. Once you’ve talked to the first two, make your way to William. He’ll tell you that he needs a “glided, radiant, and circular” food, so head over to Mushroom and Evans and talk to Bruno. He’ll begin to tell you that the dish William is talking about is made with a Golden Egg which can only be gotten from Jan Yi Han.

When you get the Golden Egg from her, head back to Bruno so he can make the dish. Once he makes it, quickly picks it up and rush back over to William. If the dish gets cold, you’ll have to redo the process all over again.

Delivering the dish to William will trigger a cutscene that will ultimately lead you to unlock the dog transformation. Press the same button you’d use the bring up the camera and then aim at a person or animal, so their scent is locked in. This will help you track down not only Elizabeth but any of the residents of Rainy Woods.