How to escape the eye monster in Yuoni

Be a pupil of avoiding this horror.

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Eyes are the most emotive part of the human body, so it’s particularly nasty to see a dozen staring at you with a certain monster in Yuoni. Avoiding its wrath, you must run away as fast as you can to escape its grasp. We’ll guide you on your way to temporary freedom in this horror title.

When you collect the second doll in Yuoni, you are instructed to burn it in the first room you were summoned in for this level. That is when the eye monster summons itself. What the game asks you to do at this point of the story is quite the antithesis of what we’ve been instructed before. Run. Run as fast as you can. Here are some instructions on how to successfully avoid the nasty eye monster.

This fiend is particularly tough to outpace, but you must, at the same time, keep an eye on the ground. There are red splotches that have surfaced, and if you step on one, a ghostly child will grab you and keep you in place for a devastating five or so seconds. While you are running, avoid the splotches at all costs. There is one exception, though. There’s a doorway that is blocked by a red splotch that you need to walk over. We’ll mention it later. You also should know that the screen goes black and white when the eye monster is close. Be alert in these situations and hide if it hasn’t seen you yet.

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At the first stretch in the school hallways, keep sprinting and make your way around the classrooms, narrowly avoiding the ghostly children that inhabit them. After running through the second classroom, you’ll be back at the house. Turn right in the hallway and then head into the door in front of you. It is ornated with a painting of a swan.

Once you’re in that room, hide under the bed on the right side to catch your breath. You’ll see the black mist emanating off the eye monster come in. Wait until it’s gone, stay there for about ten seconds, and run again. Press the square button (or Y on the Xbox controller) to recover your stamina.

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Go left into the bedrooms and sliding the doors in front of you until you see the dolls on the table. Go left and keep running forward into a red hallway. Try to stay clear of the glass shards on the floor as they can alert enemies around you.

After this area, you should be in an office. At the locker, turn left and left twice. Run forward and turn left once more. Open the door to the right. You should now be in a room with a flickering television screen and a hospital bed. Go forward, and you should now see a room full of these TV screens. On the first door to the left, enter.

Don’t mind the grey ghost on the right, and keep running. In this room, you’ll see a red splotch to the left. This is the one you must go through to proceed. Once you’ve been grabbed by the kid, keep running forwards. Turn left rather than going to the door to the right. Go forward, turn left again, and you’ll see a locker. This is the second hiding spot you should go into.

Follow the same strategy as last time. Hide in there, wait for the eye monster to pass into another hallway, regain your stamina and leap out of the locker. The next door is on your left; it has lit candles on its sides. Go forward through the room with candles and turn right. Keep running through the hallway, and you’ll see a very red door ahead of you. Go through it, and you’ll be at another school scene. Follow the same path as the first school section but beware of the larger red splotches on the ground. Once you’ve passed the washrooms on the right, go left. A door will shut on you at the end of the hallway, but you want to step into the second to last door instead.

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Finally, you’re safe. Burn the doll, and you’ve finished the first chapter.