How to escape the Infinite Classroom in In Nightmare

Don’t run forever, we have the answer.

Image via Maximum Games

The Infinite Classroom is one of the most grueling parts of In Nightmare. You have to go through doors in a certain pattern to get out of a misty maze. Here’s how to get through this stressful part in the game.

After unlocking two grand locks, you’re faced with a classroom that continues on and on and on. You’ll likely feel frustrated as you try to figure out how to progress in this mist.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The clue to solving this puzzle comes from a separate room you can find near the Infinite Classroom. The candles light the direction you need to go. Here are the directions you need to follow if you don’t want to mark them down:

  1. Left
  2. Up
  3. Left
  4. Up
  5. Right
  6. Right
  7. Right
  8. Right
  9. Up
  10. Left
  11. Up

You should see an exit in the form of a black shield-like object glowing at the northern side of the last room. After this part of the level, you should be close to the end of Chapter 2. There are six chapters to complete in In Nightmare, so you’re about a third of the way through.

Screenshot by Gamepur

From here, the puzzles might get a bit more difficult. However, you’ve already solved this one and the rose bushes puzzle earlier in Chapter 2, so you’ll be well on your way.