How to evolve Spritzee into Aromatisse in Pokémon Go

There are certain steps you need to follow.

Image via Niantic

Spritzee is making its debut in Pokémon Go with the Luminous Legends X event. The event is happening from May 4 at 10 AM in your local time zone and continues until May 17. Sprtizee will appear more often in the wild to celebrate its arrival to the mobile game, making the perfect opportunity to capture it and evolve it into Aromatisse, a good Pokémon with a solid moveset for a Fairy-type, making it extremely useful in the Great and Ultra Leagues. There is a catch if you try to evolve Spritzee into an Aromatisse, though. You want to do it because Aromatisse is a good Pokémon, with a decent moveset, and we share if can capture a shiny Spritzee or not.

Not only do you need to supply a Sprtizee with the 50 candies, but you also need to use 1 incense to evolve it into Aromatisse. Using an incense is not too difficult. All you have to do is activate it, and you’re done. However, some players have been running into the problem of having to do it when their Spritzee is their buddy. They’ve reported that they could not evolve theirs until they made a Spritzee their buddy, gave it three treats, and then used the incense item. For us, all we had to do was use the incense item, but it may vary. We recommend players try both methods if they’re having trouble evolving it into an Aromatisee.

The next step is making sure you have incense in your inventory. These are typically rewarded to players when they complete special projects. Alternatively, you can purchase them in the Pokémon Go shop. They cost 40 PokéCoins for one, or 250 PokéCoins for eight of them. They’re not too costly, so it shouldn’t be a challenge to acquire it.