How to farm Lucky Envelopes in Guild Wars 2: Lunar New Year event

Is it really luck if you know what to do?

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The Lunar New Year event has arrived for Guild Wars 2, just in time for the End of Dragons expansion. The annual event is the perfect time for players to gather various items and food before the launch of the expansion. The Lunar New Year event is a great time to gather Essences of Luck and other Luck boosting foods. This guide will show you the best ways to gather the Lucky Envelopes in the Lunar New Year event.


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There are many annual achievements that you can complete during the Lunar New Year event — completing these grants you access to Little Lucky Envelopes. These each have many different items, like Fireworks or Essences of Luck which you can consume. They also have several Junk Items like the Golden Tiger Statues that can be sold for coins at any merchant.


There are many races that are held in the Crown Pavilion. Running these will give you chest and achievements that will come with some Lucky Envelopes. The races can be completed daily for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze chests and Lucky Envelopes. It’s also possible to participate multiple times in the normal Mount-based race that starts in the Crown Pavilion. Each run gives you three Lucky Envelopes.

Celestial Challenge

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The Celestial Challenge is an instanced-based activity that requires players to work together to complete various phases inspired by different past Lunar New Year events. There are different activities that cycle, and completing them grants you a Lucky Aura, which you can use to open the treasure chests at the end of the event. Opening the Grand Chest will give you a Token of the Celestial Champion, which you can use to purchase Divine Lucky Envelopes, as well as various rewards, including a Little Lucky Envelope. The smaller chests also grant Lucky Envelopes when opened.

You can also combine Token of the Celestial Champion Fragments into a complete token. You’ll need 8 to combine into one, and once you have them, you’ll need to visit Phaedra in Divinity’s Reach to exchange them for Divine Lucky Envelopes. Remember that these are also charged at a Gold price alongside the Tokens.