Where to find Auzin the Timewalking Vendor in World of Warcraft

It turns out you do, in fact, need some stinkin’ badges.

Image via Blizzard

Are you ready to turn in some Timewarped Badges for the Timewalking event in World of Warcraft? It’s Lich King season, and that means you’ll be cashing in your badges with Auzin. All you need to do is locate him, and that’s where we come in.

Auzin is located in Dalaran, near the fountain in the center of the town. However, there’s an important catch: this is “Old Dalaran,” the version of the city that existed in previous WoW expansions before the Broken Isles. There are a few different methods to get there, but we’ll give you the most direct path that doesn’t require a specific class or home city.

To start, use your Dalaran Hearthstone to teleport to “New Dalaran,” the one where you spent much of your time during Legion. Once there, head to the central portal hub, and use the portal to go to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms from Mists of Pandaria. Once you arrive, hop on a flight to your faction’s Shrine; Horde members should go to the Shrine of Two Moons, while Alliance characters would use the Shrine of Seven Stars. Either way, you’ll find a portal to Dalaran, and this one will go to “Old Dalaran.”

You can find Auzin on the lower level of Runeweaver Square, inside the Underbelly, smack in the middle of Dalaran.