How to find derelict freighters in No Man’s Sky

Time for a profitable expedition.

Update 2.6 for No Man’s Sky introduces derelict freighters, a new random encounter you can have while traveling through space. These derelict freighters offer a great deal of salvage for you if you’re able to board them, conquer whatever threats are aboard and make it out to the other side. None of it will be easy, but it’s all extremely beneficial for both resources and nanites. You have a handful of ways to locate them.

The straightforward method of finding derelict ships is speaking to a scrap dealer. You can find these scrap dealers that reside in a star system’s space station. Each star system will have one derelict freighter. The scrap dealer will give you the exact coordinates by giving you an Emergency Broadcast Receiver, but it will cost you. The prices for an Emergency Broadcast Receiver resets each day, but these prices fluctuate based on their demand. However, Iteration Helios offers every player a free one.

Alternatively, you can stumble upon a derelict freighter without needing its exact coordinates. These vessels are floating around in every star system, so it’s entirely possible by merely exploring the reaches of space you may stumble upon it without having to buy the coordinates from a scrap dealer. Doing this, though, can be incredibly tricky, and it’s far more random. Your pulse drive will detect it and notify you of the derelict freighter’s position when you’re near it.