How to find the Heart of Sceptrum Secret Door in Lost Ark

A heart-shaped dungeon lies in wait.

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Lost Ark has a dense network of game systems that can easily overwhelm a new player. Most of the mechanics are standard to most MMOs, but some are unique to Lost Ark. The sailing system is key to discovering these secrets, and this guide will explain the secret door in the Heart of Sceptrum dungeon.

Accessing The Heart of Sceptrum

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To find this dungeon, you must reach the main story quest Finding the Arks. This is a late-game quest and will require you to get through much of the game’s main story. Once you get this quest step, you will be given a ship and the ability to sail the open sea. Finding this dungeon and, ultimately, this hidden door is crucial.

Heart of Sceptrum location

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To find this dungeon, you must progress the blue questline until you reach the continent Arthetine pictured above. Once you get to this region, head to the Nebelhorn institute and locate this elusive dungeon. Unfortunately, this dungeon can be efficiently completed solo, but the only way to open the secret door is with a group of friends.

If you need to find a group of players, try turning to in-game chat and asking around. As this dungeon is a late-game quest, the hard matchmaking version of this dungeon can often group you with other players seeking to open this tricky door.

There is currently no way to open the secret door if you are solo. Suppose you have a group that progresses through the Sceptrum dungeon typically. When you come across the massive door with multiple valves, each player must turn the valves simultaneously. Don’t worry about trying to find this door, the valves are placed directly in your path through the dungeon.

Opening this door will uncover an easy boss encounter, a small handful of crafting resources, and nothing more.