How to fish in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Learn everything about fishing, including fishing locations, how to get the fishing rod, and more.

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In Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, there are several different tools to gain specific resources, including fishing, mining, and collecting lumber. While mining and chopping down trees for materials happens automatically, fishing is its own mini-game.

All fishing locations

There are three fishing spots in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising and each of them is inside one of its five dungeons. There is one in The Great Forest, The Quarry, and The Runebarrows. Each one you will gain access to as you progress through the story. The only major thing fish are needed for is in regards to specific side quests in the later portion of the game, so don’t feel you’re missing out if you haven’t found a fishing spot yet.

Where and how to find the fishing rod

It is also worth noting that, unlike the axe and pickaxe, you do not automatically receive the fishing rod. By going to the tool shop on Second Street, you will be able to purchase one. Once then, you will be able to go to any fishing spot and fish to your heart’s content.

The fishing mini-game is very straightforward. A series of face buttons will appear in a line along with an empty bar below. The objective is to press the series of buttons in order before the bar below fills up. The speed at which you complete this does not determine what fish you catch unless you are doing a quest.

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A fishing spot that is involved with a quest you currently have will be noticeable to you. A green or blue quest marker will appear by the fishing spot. If you succeed at fishing, in that instance, you will immediately catch the fish you’re looking for. If you are looking to get rarer fish, you will have to upgrade your rod at the tool shop, making it, so there is a higher chance for you to catch a rare fish.