How to Fix Error Code 0U in League of Legends

Don’t let this get in the way of your games.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends has a wide variety of characters and playstyles that make the game both exciting and frustrating to play. More frustrating, however, is when an Error Code pops up as you’re trying to enter the Rift and play some games with your friends. The Error Code 0U has been bothering League players for a while now, and while Riot hasn’t disclosed an official workaround, there are still some things that you can do.

While the Error Code 0U started as an interaction found when using the PBE (Public Beta Environment), it has seemingly spread itself into the main game. Riot Games have both acknowledged the issue and started work on fixing it, but for now, it’s up to players to avoid the problem on their own.

Image via Riot Games.

A suggestion by both Redditors and the Riot team has put the Hextech repair tool in as the best possible option for players struggling with the Error Code. You’ll need to download the Hextech Repair tool to get it to work. It’s optimized for the League of Legends game, meaning that once it’s installed, it will instantly search for any issues. Additionally, the Hextech Repair tool is able to detect a variety of different errors that you may come across. 

Once the download has been completed, you’ll need to run the tool. You’ll have to run it on the folder your League of Legends is installed in. It will scan the game files and repair them as needed.

Alternatively, players can completely reinstall the game as a last-ditch effort, deleting all relevant files and downloading a fresh client.