How to fix Halo Infinite Battle Pass items not unlocking errors

They’re my items and I need them now!

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Unlocking every battle pass item in any game is quite the grind. No matter how the game handles unlocking this content, it will take numerous hours to get the items you want, and it can be aggravating not to get the things you earned, especially if you paid for them. If you are running into an issue, here is how to fix your Battle Pass items not unlocking in Halo Infinite.

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Advancing in every level in Halo Infinite’s battle passes takes 1,000 experience points earned from completing challenges. These weekly and daily challenges refresh regularly, so if you think you should have leveled up, we recommend first making sure that you met the criteria to meet those challenges. Additionally, events can have their own challenges denoted by an orange star banner. If you complete these challenges, they will only count towards the event items, not your battle pass. Also, they can only be completed in that specific mode.

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If you are absolutely sure that you have completed a normal challenge and leveled up your battle pass but have not received your reward, we recommend first restarting the game and your console/PC. On Xbox, hold down the power button for about 15 seconds and wait about an extra 30 seconds before turning it on. Doing this will make sure your console starts up again from a fresh boot-up sequence and refresh various elements on your profile. Before you jump back in, make sure your game is fully updated to the latest version as well.

If the above hasn’t worked, we recommend checking the Halo Support Twitter page to see if there are any recent announcements about the battle pass not working properly, and you can contact them directly on the Support website. If you are not finding anything, you could also try uninstalling and installing the game again, but that will take a while because of the large file sizes associated with Halo Infinite. However, local corrupt files could be causing the issue.