How to get a Moogle Stamp card in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered

Keep track of your friends, Kupo.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered

Image via Square Enix

In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered, the Moogles have returned. These tiny, fuzzy creatures can be found all throughout the game, and they are hiding some secrets. When you find your first Moogle they will give you a Moogle Stamp Card. You can then track down lots of other Moogles, talking to them and getting stamps on your card. 

In the single-player game, your Moogle friend will help you to carry the chalice, and can even help out in combat, but you cannot get a Stamp Card from this Moogle.

Your first opportunity to get a Moogle Stamp Card will come very early in the game, as you explore the Tipa Penninsula in Year 1. If you go to Port Tipa, then take the pathway that runs down toward the beach, you will find a cave in the front of the cliff about halfway down. 

Go inside to find your first Moogle Nest. Talk to the Moogle there and they will tell you all about Stamp Cards, and will even give you one that you can bring to other Mooogles to get stamps. After that, you will need to carefully explore each area, because the other Moogle Nests will not be as easy to find. It is a good idea to hug walls as you explore dungeons, as some of the nests are hidden in very hard to see places.

When you come near to one, a message will pop up giving you a prompt to examine the area, and doing so will bring you to the Moogle Nest. If you manage to get stamps from all the Moogles, it will unlock the secret Blazing Caverns multiplayer mini-game. 

There isn’t much else to do at Port Tipa at this point in the game, so after you get your Moogle Stamp Card you can head back to the world map.