How to get Aether Wings in Rogue Legacy 2

Fly like an eagle into a spike pit.

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Rogue Legacy 2 features a brand-new art style, modifiers that affect difficulty, and a large variety of new traits and some devious returning ones. Outside of the main castle, several biomes are home to new enemies and boss encounters. These areas are usually restricted, requiring powerful new abilities to open. This guide will explain how to find Aether Wings and what they do.

Finding the Aether Wings

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Finding these different artifact dungeons are a bit tough as the castle is randomly generated each run. Usually, this artifact is located in the north of the castle. Once you see green candles in a room, an artifact is always nearby. Once you finish speaking with the statue, you will be warped into a trial of momentum.

Power of Momentum Trial

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Once you are doing the power of momentum trial, you gain the ability to air dash. The key to completing this dungeon is the spin jump and air dash. You are getting familiar with the air dash before you begin the level in earnest. Each room will require killing all enemies or navigating tricky platforming sections. Even though this is a secret dungeon, death in here will end your run ultimately.

Once you are in the last zone, approach the statue and complete the dialogue to earn the Aether Wings. This upgrade will persist for every run in the future, and new regions will open up with this ability.