How to get Black Starstone in Salt and Sacrifice

Expand your skills using Black Starstones.

Image via Ska Studios

Black Starstone is a crucial resource you will be using in Salt and Sacrifice as you level up. You’ll be using it in your Skill Tree, giving you the chance to unlock skills to add to your character, expanding their abilities, and giving them access to specific builds as they progress through the game. There are a handful of ways you can get Black Starstone. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Black Starstone in Salt and Sacrifice.

The best way to receive Black Starstone is a reward whenever you level up. Each time you reach the adequate salt level to advance a level, you’ll receive a Black Starstone when you arrive at the shrine. Instead, you’ll receive a Gray Starstone for every fifth level, a much rarer material. If you’re trying to find more Black Starstones for your Skill Tree, we recommend traveling through the game, farming through the enemies, and taking their salt. Then, when you have enough, return to Pardoner’s Vale to interact with the Shrine and level up your character.

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Alternatively, there’s the chance you can find them as you explore the game. We were able to find one after defeating one of the Mages in Ashbourne Village, progressing through into it. The item was available in a chest.

To use a Black Starstone, return to the Shrine where you level up in Pardoner’s Vale and choose the Skill Tree option. Now, you’ll have select a Skill for your character. Each skill requires a Black Starstone, and unlocking them increases your character’s stats and gives them access to a unique trait.